Bucket List #5: Self-Discovery

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

Barcelona, Spain

Arc de Triomf

I haven't run the Barcelona 1/2 marathon. Henceforth, it's still on the "Bucket List", but I will.

However, running in Barcelona down Saló de Sant Joan Boulevard was a close second.

La Arc de Triomf was built as the gateway to the 1888 Universal Exhibition. It leads to the Parc de la Ciutadella, where I encountered several running enthusiasts.

While staying in Barcelona with all that it has to offer... art, museums, cathedrals, music, food, and of course shopping, I found peace. I found the peace to let go and be myself, relax, and explore. For once, I didn't feel guilty taking long afternoon naps, or just spending time at a neighborhood cafe sipping a cafe americano, or cool refreshing glass of wine. Along with my peace, I found freedom and friendship.

As you know, I'm a recent retiree, which can be emotionally difficult in the sense of self-discovery. Barcelona was my bridge helping me to exit the hustle and bustle of maintaining a high pressure career into retirement.

It's easy to travel and get caught up in the rushing and craziness of having to maximize your time moving from one point of interest to the next. It's both stimulating and exhausting trying to see it all.

During this trip, I fully enjoyed myself trying to savor ever experience and just cruse with the flow. For once, I relaxed. Maybe, I didn't have a choice, since, shops close for two hours everyday, every afternoon. Viva la siesta!!

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