Bucket List #1: Las Vegas

June 29, 2018 last day of teaching. On that day, I will began to reap the fruit of 37 years of teaching. Mission accomplished, retirement realized, age 64. Once I was committed to closing and locking my classroom door for the very last time, my face morph into a constant smile from ear to ear. I don't know if it was the confidence of my newly Invisalign strengthened teeth or the thought of sleeping in, freedom, adventure, or just doing anything in the hell I wanted that brought on that newly recognized sparkling, contagious, smile. I'd like to think is was the latter.

"So, what do you plan to do after you retire?" my colleagues asked. "Live, travel, bake, run, explore, enjoy concerts, make love," was my automatic reply.

In celebration of my up coming last quarter and staying loyal to the notion of life being what you create, I started to create.

First stop, check off "Bucket List" items.


I surprised my daughter with a spontaneous trip to see Bruno Mars in Vegas. Teryn Rè is a jazz vocal musician, singer/song writer. We had a blast! Bruno is such a great entertainer. Wow! We danced all night. Retirement doesn't mean sit on the couch. Get out there a move till you sweat.

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