Keep Moving Forward:

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Monday, January 21, 2019, was a very significant day celebrating the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. On this day, most Americans get the day off from work or school. Being retired now, everyday is a day off or better stated, a holiday. It's natural for a retiree to have one day slip into the next. I work at not slipping into La La Land and make sure I'm maintaining an active calendar.

Today especially, I am focused on the power of one man's voice, his message, his passion, his love and altruistic behavior. Although, Dr. Martin Luther King has left us, he lives through his words and behaviors. I've internalized his eloquence, his strong and truthful message of Keep Moving Forward. Those simple few words hits right to the core of a runner's life.

Today, I dedicated my trail run to Dr. Martin Luther King as he inspired me to "Keep Moving Forward" while I traversed across and pounded up and down the most difficult inclines of the trail. Ten miles of climbing rocks, boulders, steep slopes, running through woods, reaching the crest to absorb magnificent views of the city and ocean, all while I held on to the words "Just keep on moving forward, Cynthia . "You can slow down but you can't stop," pushed me forward.

I pushed this 64 year old body hard, trusting my mind telling me that I could do it. I checked my body. Yes, it hurt, it was tired, but not enough to make me stop. It actually, felt good, strong, and believe it or not, young and invigorated.

The treasure was at the top. I knew the view would be spectacular and worth every effort!

The view is the treasure. Thank you Earth.

At this point my chest was full of gratitude for having the ability, drive, health, freedom, you name it. I was high on just being.

A beautiful day in Southern Cali. Snow capped mountains on the left and ocean view on the right.

It takes all of the positive thoughts you can drum up, all of your will to prove to yourself that you can accomplish what you set your mind to do, AT ANY AGE.

Every run teaches me something positive. My hardest runs seem to teach me the most. Maintaining a positive attitude isn't always easy. And that's when my mind and spirit dig deep and seek the words and actions of the wiser. Today's run demanded the best in me. I was pleased with my overall time and pace. Mostly, I was please because I finished.

Today, it was "Keep Moving Forward."

Thank you Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

So, for all of my retiree comrades or anyone reading this post, retirement doesn't mean you stop working. It just means you start working at things you always wanted to do. Just keep moving forward.

I would love to hear your thoughts and hear what you do to keep moving forward.


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