Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Well, I've been doing this Instagram thing for awhile now and loved it. Most is my traffic has to do with running, baking, or travel. I've come across some local running groups, that I have enjoyed viewing their posts of running and running events. All the while, wanting to be part of and share their excitement and smiles.

I have to admit, procrastination, perhaps, securities stopped me short of joining and connecting. Normally, I'm the get up and go kind of person, adventurous, easy to talk to, curious. But for some doubtful reason, those crazy negative whispers of what ifs started to creep their way into my psyche.....What if their pace is faster than mine? What if they don't talk to me? What if I'm the only one, solo? Crazy, right? Age 65, with a zillion accomplishments under my belt and that little girl voice is still there. Ouch!!

One evening, after viewing posts from a local running group in San Clemente, I had a to have a long talk with myself. It was a duel conversation of the wiser talking to a child. Embarrassing, I know. But I had to do it to move forward. You know what I'm talking about, "Toughen up sister, put on those big girl panties, just do it." I'm smart enough to know that a little moment like this can be the most rewarding on the other side.

I made the commitment and contacted the group about time and meet up place. Thursday night, 6pm, 4 miles, meet at the San Clemente Outlets, run along the coast to the pier and back. Okay, I'm in, piece of cake.

The day of was hot and humid. That annoying voice was back...."It's too hot. Go next week." "Nope, you're going. Get dressed."

While in the car, on the way there, I compromised. "Okay if it really to hot, you don't have to go." My gentle self had to come up with something to make it okay.

I arrived, parked my car, go out, checked the weather. Yup, it was a scorcher. Then a familiar voice came back!!! "YOU DIDN'T COME HERE TO QUIT! NOW GO HAVE FUN!"

So, I did. And I met the most welcoming group of runners. Happy and openly accepting all runners of any ability. Graciously inviting me to return and be part of the weekly group.

Today, I am so much better for taking this tiny step forward and not succumbing to negative thoughts. Just think, had I succumbed to one negative thought, I would have deprived myself of the positive leading my life forward.

Like I said, "I'm creating my life - a beautiful life after retirement."

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